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Bob and I, Connie, decided to open a bed and breakfast to meet the growing needs for high quality hospitality services in our home town, and also when we found the ideal location. We enjoy meeting new people too.

The first time Bob brought me flowers, it was seven roses.  This started a tradition, and is the origin of the name Seven Roses Inn.  Yellow roses are used for the Inn because they are a symbol of friendship.

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Bob and Connie

I am a sixth-generation Jefferson County resident, and Bob is originally from Portland, Oregon and raised in California. He has been a university professor and clinician in psychology, and my career is in banking and now financial advising.

I have served in city government, focusing on business expansion and development of arts and culture in the community, as well as on civic organization boards including the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center and the Rotary Club. On occasion, I also host an interview show on local public access TV, Opening Fairfield Doors.

Bob has been writing scholarly books (details here), and articles, mental health consulting, and university teaching as a communication consultant.

My identical twin daughters and their great families (we have five grandkids now) are building careers in child development and high school teaching.

We look forward to hearing a little about your story, if your time allows.

We also want to acknowledge with gratitude other people who help create Seven Roses Inn as the premiere place to stay in Fairfield.

We are especially appreciative of master gardener Mary LaFrancis who takes flowers and plants as her 'palette' for the gardens.

Mineralogist Dennis Kossow creates rock features including a waterfall by the entrance sign, and also provides rock specimens for display.

In addition, much of the artwork on display at the Inn is from local artists. Original paintings from Roberta Williams, David Orme-Johnson, Chris Kuffner, Susan Kessel, Kuno Vole, and John Preston prints are featured. Connie has a few small paintings on display too.

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