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Heart & Mind: A Perfect Union

How heart and mind harmonize is described with profound insight in this engaging and fun book.  Through inspiring stories from classic films such as Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Ground Hog Day, Mary Poppins, and Bagger Vance, this enjoyable-to-read book illustrates how to balance the pull of love in the heart and the push of duty in the mind.  The roles of heart and mind in working together are explained with simple clarity.

A deeper view of the integration of heart and mind is emphasized, rather than the typical appeals to 'follow your heart' or your mind.  Key questions are addressed about the inner dynamics of feeling and thinking, with practical tools to balance them in dealing with the challenges of daily living.  The subtle insights are not in books or training seminars that focus on emotional motivation without addressing the deeper inner dynamics.

"It kept me eager to find out what was coming next...All parts were captivating...and the movie references really made the material come alive." - S. A.. Kirksville, Missouri

" journey into the heart of human experience...brilliantly blending deep, drama and romance to reveal...the key to living a...fulfilled life lies in integrating...our heart and mind and ultimately transcending the appearance of duality that they present to us." - R. C., San Jose Costa Rica

"...light-hearted, yet most effective communication regarding issues that have a profound effect upon our lives.  Thanks Bob and Connie." -M. M. & R. M., Granada Hills, California

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Think Outside the Bang

Think Outside the Bang

Beyond Quantum Theory and Hidden Dimensions to a Holistic Account of Consciousness, Mind and Matter

Modern science has achieved a remarkable legacy of reliable knowledge and rigorous standards of validation.  But gaps in even the most successful theories-quantum, relativity, and evolutionary theories-still reflects a deeply fragmented account.  To get beyond the fragmented reductive account of the universe emerging randomly in a big bang from literally nothing, we need to think outside the bang.

With clarity and subtle insights, Dr. Boyer describes how theories on the forefront of physics and psychology, matter and mind, link to a coherent picture of the ultimate unity of nature.  Drawing from ancient traditions, the dots are connected into a holistic unified field-based account of consciousness, mind and matter and how to validate it empirically.  The holistic account has revolutionary implications for understanding our relationship to the cosmos, as well as evolutionary implications for getting out of the chaotic ways we humans have been behaving toward each other.

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Cool Mind Warm Heart

Cool Mind Warm Heart

How to Communicate with Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

We spend much of our lives trying to communicate, but almost no time learning how to do it.  How we communicate affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Through research, clinical work and teaching over the past 40 years in higher human development, Dr. Boyer has distilled the most useful skills into an effective, user-friendly system of communication for the practical person, covering the full range from basic to advanced skills.

As you approach someone, you are presented first with outer levels of body language and facial expressions, then speech styles and emotional behavior, and then deeper inner thinking and feeling to the deepest level of self and soul.  Each level relates to specific skills in a concise practical guide with extensive examples that is the most integrative and complete approach.

The communication skills are refined through appreciating the subtle flow of emotional and mental energy, which provide useful clues and signals.  Using these skills in everyday communication, you will manage your life better and create healthier, more fulfilling relationships.  When we listen with the refined inner balance of a cool mind and warm heart, Nature whispers her most wonderful secrets about the fullest value of relationships.

"Essential to communicate effectively; an obligation for counselors." - T. B., Girne, Cyrpus

"Only a profound understanding of the mind would be this simple and true to experience; I'm a better communicator with my teenagers and at work." - S. M., Fairfield, Iowa

"Easy to use, and for me a deep anchor of how to relate to others." -L. W., Ithaca, New York

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Bridge to Unity:Unified Field-Based Science and Spirituality

Bridge to Unity:
Unified Field-Based Science and Spirituality

Not just ground-breaking, the book is a game-changer that illuminates and re-aligns our relationship with nature-a roadmap for 21st Century scientific enlightenment.

Taking on the most challenging issues in modern science, it provides fundamentally new insights into space-time, relativity theory, quantum theory, and the subtle underpinnings of matter in nonlocal mental space.  Insightful quotes from historical and contemporary scholars help connect the dots in quantum physics, cognitive neuroscience, and psychology into the seamless unity of outer nature and inner consciousness in ancient Vedic science -- and how to verify it directly in oneself.

"Surely it seems to have surpassed all the previous...writers on this great grand path of integration." - S. N. Bhavasar, Ph.D., University of Pune, India

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